Saturday, June 9, 2012


The summer season is approaching and that means more police on the road looking for speeders. Just today on clayton park the police were sitting on a side street with laser speed guns.

The police recently caught a young man driving over 220 km/hr in a 80 zone last weekend. The charge for this is about $2450.00 and I think six points on your license.

In cape Breton a young man was killed along with two other people when he attempted to pass a truck towing a trailer on the shoulder side of the road!

What happened was the car clipped the trailer and ended up being hit sideways by oncoming traffic. Three people died that day from dangerous driving. Had the young guy waited patiently to pass in a legal and safe manner, this accident would never have happened.

Don't become a statistic this summer and die before your time. Trust your gut and drive the speed limit and don't take any unnecessary chances.

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