Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Altima's Battery Dies!

Sadly, yesterday after I went to Little Caesar's pizza but discovered I had left my wallet at home, I went to start the car and --- NOTHING! Even the dash gauges were acting funny. I heard clicking noises under the hood near the relay solenoid. The headlights wouldn't turn on. Worse yet, when I set my brake, the whole dashboard went dark. Ominous.

Fortunately I found a cab driver near by and he offered to boost my car for $20. I ended up paying $25 with a small tip. The boost worked, but only until I got to Canadian tire. That's the most money I ever spent for 5 minutes of work. I managed to rip the old battery out of the car and purchased a moto-master eliminator for about $99 plus tax.

Battery's are not cheap. The one in my car was a real piece of crap. It was maybe 6 inches lengthwise and really short compared to the Eliminator battery. I think it was a crappy old battery from a Nissan sentra because I could not see Nissan placing a shitty battery like that in a new car.

At any rate, good riddance, it lasted me a year, 6 months more than I figured it would last.


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