Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whats up.

It's been roughly six weeks since Marion and Bernice past away. It seems like yesterday in my mind. I can't get the image out of my memory of the last time I saw both of them alive. When a person close to you dies a chunk gets taken out of your heart. I bought a used apple Ipad 2 last month, mainly to help distract the loss, but, it hasn't worked.

We may have to move in a few month. It's too expensive to live here with just my income alone. Thankfully our lease is up in July, so I have no idea if we're going to Halifax or what. I have begun gathering boxes from people on the internet. So far I have scored about 30 big boxes and 30 small boxes, along with some nice wrapping paper. I really hate moving. We simply have too much stuff here for two people. I do not like coming home because there are too many memories of Marion here.

Mother's day is going to be especially hard for Theresa. In ten short years, I have had six people pass away on me:

* Bernice - March 29, 2012
* Marion - March 28, 2012
* George (Marion's husband) - February 2011
* Terry (Bernice's husband) - February 2005? (not sure)
* Bert (My mom's husband) - November 16, 2005
* Michael (Theresa's brother) - February 2002

Of the above, Marion, Bernice, and Bert were especially tough losses. George was kind of expected because he was fairly old and had been suffering from pneumonia in the veteran's hospital.

We moved to the maritimes in March of 2001 from Calgary. My how time flies. I think we might get into the candle-making business as a hobby. It's something that I've always wanted to try.  I won't quit my day job because you'd have to sell a shit load of candles to make enough money to survive.  All I know is that grief sucks.

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