Saturday, May 5, 2012

My favorite foreign films

I recently started to get more interested in foreign films from south Korea and Japan. I will list out a few favorites that I think everyone should consider watching.

Sun scarred

This movie is about a south korean architect who stops young boys from beating a man to death. He manages to beat the kids pretty good. Unfortunately, the mans daughter gets killed by one of the young punks. Then his wife commits suicide from the grief of losing her only daughter. To make Matters worse, the young punk gets out of juvenile detention twelve months later with no criminal record. The father is not convinced this punk has changed and he quickly realizes this kid is a serious killer who must be stopped at all costs. You really empathize with the father. The ending fight scene is very ting.

Battle royal

A controversial
Movie in which a group of adolescent children are forced to fight to the death on a remote Japanese island. There will be only one survivor and those who try to leave or cheat will have their
Neck band explosive
Device detonated. It is a very bloody, gory film but it teaches you what humanity is capable of when push comes to shove.

The quiet family

It's about a small lodge that is operated in the remote wilderness by a south Korean family. The guests begin to die from unexpected circumstances and soon the lodge owners being to bury more people that they have visiting. It's a dark comedy that I really enjoyed.

Ichi the killer

Takeshi mike's masterpiece
About the Japanese
Yakuza and the sadistic enforcers that they work with. Without giving too much plot away, Ichi must track down the man responsible for killing his crime boss. Extremely bloody and satisfying.

A bittersweet life

Set in south Korea, a hotel manager / enforcer for a crime boss gets assigned
To check up on his boss's concubines. He makes a fateful decision that causes a bloody, painful repercussions. One of the best gun shoot-outs I have ever seen from Korea.

The good, the bad, and the weird

Groups of people are searching for a buried treasure that was discovered by
An old map that turns up and quickly changes hands throughout the movie. The set design and shooting sequences are one of the best I have seen since the old Clint Eastwood movies from the 1970's.

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