Sunday, April 8, 2012

PEI, Weather, Stuff

PEI is a beautiful place to visit. I could never live there, it's far too small a community for me. I need the city life, the busy feel of the city, the adrenaline rush of going into the crowd of people. For me, city life is where it's at. For some reason, my stupid Magellan GPS decided to take me through the PEI countryside on my way home last night. When I hit new brunswick the snow started to fall and then by the time I hit nova scotia the snow was so heavy, I had to reduce my speed to 60km/hour and put on my 4-way flashers.

I simply cannot believe my car made it without any problems. The steering is fucked, however. I have to buy a special universal joint for the steering box this week $160 just for the part.

We have new directions and plans now. I can't explain what, but, it should be an interesting summer to say the least. For anyone that's lost a loved one, the best advice I can give is to remember them with the best memories and honor them by doing what they would have wanted you to do.

It was strange going into a house where you know the person was alive a few weeks ago. You can "sense" that person everywhere in the house. The awkward unease turned to familiarity once we settled in and talked. Everybody dies. Nobody knows when their time is up. Enjoy life how you can, and don't wait for things to happen. Make it happen.

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