Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of April

From a personal point of view, the month of march was pretty good until my mother in law and her sister died within 24 hours.

Now a month later and the pain is still there, along with the bitter sweet memories of the last twelve years of knowing them both.

What do we do? Where shall we go? These are questions I hope to figure out during the next few months.

When we moved here from Calgary in 2001 of march it was a totally different feel. Now that there is nobody here outside of my better half, no family, few friends, I gave to look at the future and make a bold choice of moving again.

It's scary and exciting and I also hate moving. Once I get more solid plans I will let people who who are close to me
What's going to happen.

The maritimes is a beautiful place to live but the work pool is so small that if you get laid off or fired your only choice is to move west where they are short 38,000 workers. And so it begins.

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