Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Halifax Transit Strike is Over

Voting in favour 19-2, council agreed to a five-year deal with a $4,000-signing bonus and two per cent wage increases over the following four years.
The deal also included rostering-scheduling provisions with union input, a contentious issue from the beginning of the 41-day strike.
But the union will have have some say in hours implemented so long as it meets Metro Transit's efficiency needs.
"It has changed a bit. We sat down with the union and worked out a process that I think we both are happy with," said Eddie Robar, Metro Transit's director.
Kelly said the deal has the same $5.6 million net cost that the union had to work with last month. The union was allowed to re-allocate the money.
"The taxpayers won this negotiation process in terms of the outcome," Kelly said. "Over the last three weeks, since Feb. 23, there have been no changes whatsoever."

Where can I work to get a $4K signing "bonus" !?!

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