Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Update

I haven't had much opportunity to do any blog updates lately; my schedule has been very busy. I still have the Nissan Altima, and it continues to provide me reliable transportation (knock on wood!). 

There is a transit strike in Halifax. It's been going on since the beginning of Feb and I don't see any end to it. I have been bringing a colleague/friend to work with me who normally uses the bus. Traffic in Halifax was never bad to begin with, but with the increased road traffic I have noticed an additional 15 minutes to my commute. Add to that the number of bad drivers on the road makes the driving very challenging. I see people blowing through stop signs, driving illegally against traffic, moving ahead of lines, jumping lanes. 

Gasoline prices are at around $1.32 per liter, and not going down any time soon. Since I lost my camera back when I was in Winnipeg last November, I've been using my blackberry and my in-laws digital camera to take pictures. 

I have been playing Skyrim on my home PC and it's one of those games that is so large, you can't really understand how many hours you have to play to even scratch the surface. The level of detail in the game is incredible. Even random encounters are unique. The Radiant play system which controls the Quests and NPC interactions is very intelligent and automatically adjusts to your game play style. 

I found the level of difficulty in Skyrim to be too low; so I decided to play it at the level just under maximum (Master?). My character is only a 30th level Khajit archer mage, and he's got a considerable amount of work to do.


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