Sunday, February 12, 2012

25 Arthur Street 1.5 Months after the fire

Approximately 1.5 months ago, a devastating fire burned through 50% of the building I used to live in. The fire was caused by a portable metal grinder. The workers were trying to remove old balcony supports and the sparks made their way through the walls, igniting a fire that rapidly spread throughout the building. Because the individual suites did not have fire proof barriers, only the middle part of the building did. That's what saved this building from going down all together. Nova Scotia power has cut the power to the building permanently. I do not know why it's taking so long to get the building demolished - maybe they're waiting on the insurance money, I have no idea. Below are some shots of the damage. I could not get close as they had security posted to keep people away from the job site. I believe the building is filled with asbestos, which would explain why.
Rubble is all that remains of the right half of 25 Arthur Street
In the background you can see the stud walls exposed
Side profile, up a tiny path people used to visit the waterfront.

The heavy duty excavators lie still, waiting for re-activation

The once-dense brush now lies dead
The walking path below the building

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