Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Pictures from St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

My recent trip to St. Thomas located in the US Virgin Islands (Apr 3 - 7) through my
employer who graciously gave me +1 guest (g/f) to the special island located very far
down the equator. Click on any photo to get full-size.

Typical shot from St. Thomas, looking down the road.

A funny bumper sticker pasted on to the back of a taxi/truck.

A massive cruise ship anchored into port, allowing tourists to visit shops.

Palm trees dominate the landscape. Here are palms that have been planted by the Frenchman's Reef Mariott resort.

Above, scenic view from the resort. Below: These reptiles are everywhere and they are not shy!

Below, you can see the beautiful pounding surf which relentlessly hits the fine sandy beach.

A view from my beach chair.  Average daytime temp: +30C 90% humidity

This little guy was posing on a rock right above my head

More pounding surf shots

License plate from the US VI

Zoom-in on the far beach to the interior of the Island

I'll post more shots over the next few days.

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