Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nissan Altima: 2 Days In

I got to say I'm really enjoying the larger car experience. Truth be told, I would have preferred to have a Subaru Legacy 2.5XT (turbo'd), but I can't afford that. I spent yesterday febreez'ing the interior of the car to get the smoke stink out of it. Then I replaced the car's air filter (which was horrendously dirty) and the cabin air filter (which was also black). 

I noticed immediately within a few hours how easier it was to breath in the car with a new air filter. The car also felt a bit peppier too. This month I'm going to perform a top-to-bottom evaluation on the car, from everything like Spark plug check, belts, pumps, hoses, etc. I need to gauge the level of rust around the car. 

One thing that really pisses me off is I still can't get my rear license plate mounted. It seems the bolts have seized up on the plastic back plate. I have to use a set of lock nut pliers and try to get it apart tomorrow. In the mean time i have my license plate hanging (illegally) in the rear window.

The car drives fairly well. It's really easy to generate wheel spin, the 2.5 cylinder engine isn't too spunky but it does have enough torque to move the heavy car. Interior room is massive. For the year of this car, it is bigger than a Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. It's just unbelievable. I no longer feel like I'm driving a little pocket (rocket) car. I do miss the all wheel drive though. I still find myself shifting manually down hills. I prefer to let the engine brake the car rather than waste my brake pads. 

So far, so good. My car insurance has substantially been reduced. I am thinking of changing the interior lighting scheme to red. I might mount my GPS inside the top covered tray. Oh, the things I want to do with this car. I'll be putting in LED's in the cup holders and tray bins. I might even put some in the door trays. I bought 200 LED's on eBay one year, I might as well use them. The circuit design will be simple: 7905 voltage regulator, a few capacitors, and some 330 ohm resistors. That's it.

Peace out!

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