Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye My Little Buddy 'Kitty' 2000-2011

This morning my cat was moaning in pain, he had a seizure at 4am... that was it. He never struggled as we took him to the vet. He didn't even complain when the doctor put the needle in his paw. I feel comforted in knowing we did the right thing. The vet believes he was in advanced cancer, which would explain the rapid weight loss.

To my little buddy, who I raised from a kitten... I will miss ya. You were the best cat ever... and for 11 years I am grateful to have known you.
I picked him up in Calgary at Pisces Pet Store. I remember picking him up as a kitten in January 2000. It was cold. He was tiny. We had him fixed 5.5 months later at a local vet. He was a sweet cat. He exploded in size shortly after.  Even though he weighed 22 pounds, he insisted on getting picked up every time I came home. He demanded treats and tons of hugs. One day I came home I noticed he was no longer eating his food - only his treats. And then he stopped eating and threw up many times.

He will always be my little buddy. I can't stand to see an animal in pain and he was in pain. After not eating and drinking for almost a week I knew in my heart it was time. God bless you Kitty, I know you are in a better place. The vet says he had a heart arrhythmia. They wanted to run a bunch of tests for $800, but we couldn't afford it. And then he would just sit in the bathroom and do nothing. I knew then he was really sick. After we took him in and a second vet looked at him, he said it was likely Cancer. It started months ago, I didn't know - how could I? I feel guilty for putting him down. But how could I not? He was suffering. It was the humane thing to do. It is wretched losing a pet.

Kitty 2000 - 2011

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