Friday, October 29, 2010

Women thrown away like garbage

A few months ago a young female prostitute went missing in July. Turns out this woman was addicted to crack cocaine, had a troubled past, and ended up being killed by a local scumbag. According to the Chronical Herald:

Nadine Taylor’s relatives attended Dartmouth provincial court Thursday to get a look at the man accused of murdering the 29-year-old Halifax sex-trade worker.
"He’s a monster. That’s all he is," Cecil Taylor, Nadine’s father, muttered during a brief appearance by Steven Elliot Laffin.
The Dartmouth man, 36, was arraigned before Judge Ted Tax on a charge of second-degree murder.
Nadine Taylor, a prostitute, hasn’t been seen since July 28 at about 11:30 p.m., when she left her Fairview apartment to use a pay phone to call a friend. Her fiance reported her missing three days later.
Although police haven’t recovered Taylor’s body, and say they have reason to believe it may never be found, they announced Wednesday that they had gathered enough evidence to charge Laffin with killing her. Nadine is seen below, then her killer, and finally her father.

 Sadly, women who are in the sex trade are at a huge risk factor. There are many sociopaths out there who would not even think twice about killing a prostitute. They have no feelings, fit into society fairly well, and appear like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Friendly on the outside, these sociopaths hurt or kill, fantasizing about rape and murder.

If you've never seen American Psycho, I think you should check it out just to get inside the mind of a real cold blooded killer. Now the difference between Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) and the man that murdered Nadene Taylor is that Patrick Bateman was a meticulous, intelligent sociopath. He wasn't a sexual sadist like Col. Russel Williams.

Recently over the past two years a young man has been breaking into young women's bedrooms and watching them sleep. Sometimes he would touch them sexually when they slept. Really sick. Then you have those sick fuckers who stalk children. Just recently in Ontario they busted yet another pedo ring. The depravity of people seems to know no bounds.

Did you know that Colonel Russel Williams (ex now) video taped the sexual assaults AND murders of the two women he killed? He also had a strange fetish for women's and children's underwear. A completely fucked up mind.

Everytime a news story breaks about someone else being murdered or raped or tortured, I sit back and wonder: "Are we just nothing but a collection of walking shit?"
 Take a good look at the man in the left photo. Want to know who that sick old man is? That's Nadine's poor father - the man that is suffering and in pain because his daughter is dead.

You can read the pain and suffering in his eyes. His hell will have no bounds. I wonder if her killer will get the same.One can only hope.

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