Thursday, September 9, 2010

a test post using Dragon naturally speaking

I decided to try some new software the other day which would allow me to speak into a microphone and have my text automatically typed into my blog. So far, it looks like it's working very well. However, the software, naturally Dragon speaking; has a few flaws. It seems to take quite a bit of resources when you're running it on a computer as it's constantly listening to your speech and trying to analyze your voice. It's pretty fun and cool though to be able to speak and have it written out for you in a Stephen Hawking sort away. So next week I'm heading out back to Winnipeg to visit family and friends for little while. I have been home in a couple years on really looking forward to rest and relaxation, concentration, hang out at the seven -- 11 so I can grab some slurpees. Admittedly in work and trying to get shipped on spent pretty hectic lately. There hasn't been very many interesting drawing stories lately although I am looking forward to having some test drives when I'm in Winnipeg. 
As a few cars on the market that I really wanted to go for a run, the one cool car that I want to check out is the Ford fiesta. The other car want to check out is the monster to, and maybe check out some high end luxury cars. Well some of it up to? Oh yes, I've been watching ice Road truckers for the past week and a half and I found myself enjoying it in spite of the Arctic narrator who annoys me to no end. I do not just can't handle the way he fucking says  words - it's like he can't say anything without over emphasizing it.

I'm on season three and it looks like the roads up in Alaska are the most dangerous highways in the world. The Dawson Road is one of the steepest and most dangerous roads ever created for ice for a trucking. The average income for ice Road truckers over a two-month period is approximately US$120,000. Every week there seems to be somebody wrecking or inning seriously hurt on the road, so if you think about it it's really not a lot of money for the amount of risk to put out.

In Halifax there has been about seven or eight robberies that have been committed by a group of 15 to 20 teenagers who roam the streets looking for people who are walking at night alone. I wouldn't mind encountering some of them with a baseball bat to give them a crack on the side of the head that they won't forget. Cock suckers.

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Stoneman said...

Obviously my post had mistakes.

Dragon isn't 100% accurate.