Friday, September 10, 2010

Alienware Tact-x Mouse had a deal yesterday, the Alienware Tact-x mouse was on sale for $39.99. The regular price for this gaming mouse is $99.99. A real bargain at 60.00 off. The mouse is an exact technical specification to the legendary Logitech G9x mouse. (If you haven't heard of this mouse, you should look it up - it's amazing).  I'm currently using a low-end Logitech mouse that's wireless (it's OK). The problem is the mouse is too small for my hand and it tends to cramp. I use mice all day long and at work I have a shitty Dell mouse.

I finally bought a 24 inch LCD the other month after deciding the 19" CRT monitor I had was enough for me. Then I picked up a cheap UPS system too to protect my systems. 

Next year I have to upgrade my ANCIENT pentium 4 system. I have no idea what to buy for parts yet, although I am leaning towards an i7 Intel (dual quadcore). Who knows. But back to the mouse.
It has nine programmable buttons and up to five different profiles can be stored in the on-board memory. Like the keyboard, the mouse uses AlienFX lighting on the logo and dpi indicator. (You can choose from about 20 different colors for this fucking mouse - no kidding!!).

I mean, holy shit, check out these specs:

  • 5000 DPI Laser Engine with On-The-Fly DPI Switching
  • Exclusive AlienFX® 20 Customizable Lighting
  • 5 Customizable User Profiles and 9 Customizable Buttons
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling with Dual Vertical Scroll Modes
  • ~6-Foot High Speed USB 2.0 BRAIDED Cable for Extended Reach

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