Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Official: KIA SUCKS

Just check out these furious comments from people who've owned several KIA vehicles and apparently they are not alone!
CC of Tg. Bungah, Penang, Malaysia July 20, 2010
In mid of July 2010, I was thinking of buying a new car. After much research and talking to various car salesmen, I have somehow decided for a new Kia Forte 2.0 liters for the following reasons. - Sales person told me that they have stocks. - CBU units from Korea. - Lots of gifts.
After much considerations, I had finally decided to do my booking with them. At the point of booking, the sales lady, Ms J., kept emphasizing that she should have stocks to be delivered to me in a week. When the first commit came, she told me that the car was stuck at Malaysian custom for clearance problems. I need to wait for another week or so. Then, she gave me a 2nd commit. Well, time flies, the 2nd committed date arrived. Unfortunately, she still could not deliver the car to me. The reason was still being the same, Malaysian custom issue. The CBU unit could not be released due to some documentations problems. As usual, 3rd commit given to me, 19th Julu 2010.
Last Sunday, 19th July 2010, I texted her on the status. No response! No surprise because I have to usually make an effort to visit the show room to look for the sales person for an update for my new car. So, I made a trip on Monday, 20th July 2010. As usual, I called her before i popped into the show room. As usual, she did not pick up phone. I showed up in the show room, she was in the midst of finding something for a new car release for another customer. She quickly told me to wait for her. I told her that I don't need her since she had been decommitted so many rounds. I meant she has no longer has any credibility to me not the delivery. So, I demanded to see her immediate superior, Ms A.
She told me that her immediate superior was out for lunch and on her way back to the office. Once she arrived, she will talk to me. Then, I was patiently waiting for her immediate superior to return from lunch. When she returned to the office, she walked straight to her office, without noticing a customer was waiting for her. I, then, informed another salesman at the counter that was waiting for Ms A. for an answer on my new car delivery. The salesman entered her office and spoken to her. Then, he returned and asked me to enter to her office.
This is completely ridiculous! Do you need to speak to the chef at a restaurant and get the chef to serve you? It is the same concept. Ms. A., a branch Manager, has no idea who is customer and who is supplier. She refused to meet me at the lobby. After not wasting so much time, I had decided to leave the sales office. I was completely mad! I went text the sales lady, Ms J., again and told her that her superior did not speak to me a demanded her to get her immediate superior to call me. End up, as usual, no response no phone call!
Just a few hours ago, I took my effort and continue to follow up by calling the sales lady again. You know what happened, I dialed 7 calls, the 3rd call was picked up and cutoff immediately. I attempted one more round. The call was picked up but answered by a guy. The guy told me that Ms J. left her phone for charging. Man, how could a sales just left her cellphone and went off without it! She is a sales person. In this IT edge, how could a sales person without a cell? It will be just like a car without wheels! That is completely crab! Anyway, I left a message to the guy and demanded the guy to pass on the message so that she could call me! As usual, no responses thereafter!
After 6 weeks of booking, if Kia cannot deliver, please inform the customer honestly! I worked with many Koreans before. They are very serious about delivery. Unfortunately, the Koreans working in Kia Motors are not interested to deliver on time and like to de-commit on deliveries of their cars to their customers. When you have chance to visit Korea, you will have many chances to see their factory slogan, "World class supplier", "No 1 supplier for so and so"...these are all bullshit! I would love to hear that these 2 employees to be given a disciplinary warning letter to tell lies to their customers and never deliver quality delivery commitment! If I were the sales head, both of them must be taken out from the team to maintain the quality reputation of Kia Motors in Malaysia. They should also provide a public apologies to me!
Now, I wish the public could provide me a contact in Korea for this complaint. It's the trust and professional ethics that disappointed me! Both of these ladies dressed well but act like a wolf....tell lies all the time! Felt like in the trap! They took the commission and unwilling to work professionally! This is completely sad and shame! So that, my voice can be effectively heard and royalty can be awarded to me! Would appreciate any source of contact, the higher the better their management staff! Thank you!
Dr.Daniel of Ankeny, IA July 20, 2010
Customer #: 4905504 KIA Sedona 2006 VIN 233766055497. 96,515 miles extened warranty purchased. Initial problem check engine light remaining on/basis service. Received car back after considerable communication problems (KIA service personnel failing to return multiple call to my daughter regarding the car when they promised to due so). Flushed transmission fluid when was flushed some time ago ( cost 134.95) after this work was completed the service personnel noted that she needed a new transmission at a cost of ~3,200 which hardly seems appropriate with a QUALITY product after 96,515 miles. A certified transmission specialist was sought for second opinion and repaired the transmission at a cost of 800.
Within a few minutes of driving out of the lot the check engine light came back on again which is one of the original problems that the car was brought in for. Loose sway bar links on front and all 4 subframe bushings MAY be a problem in the future needs repair at a cost of 529.00. The car received a tune up with new plugs etc. at a cost of 199.95. Tires were mounted and balanced and 2 new tires was purchased. My daughter, Danna paid 1736.33 by chk. on a bill which totaled 2028.11. She and my wife are listed as owners of the KIA SEDONA.
Danna, feels that she wasn't treated very well and was taken advantage of by running up the costs of repairs. Her additional warranty noted as aftermarket will pay some of the costs related to this repair/service. The check engine light came back on within blocks of the dealer. It is not likely that she will return to the dealer for service. Poor communication, loss of the use of the car, inflated bill, second opinion sought due to the lack of confidence in the service, treated with a lack of respect. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Tong of Corona, CA July 17, 2010
TERRIBLE CAR, TERRIBLE COMPANY. My 2010 KIA RIO' air conditioning does not work sometimes. Abot 40% of the time the AC is just not cool. It has 13000 miles, I BOUGHT IT BRAND NEW in 2009, had it for 3 months, when I start using the AC a lot more because in about 100 degrees in Riverside, and you need the AC. That when it started having problems. Sometime it nice and cold, sometime it's warm. I called Riverside Kia, now they want to charge me 99 just to look at it, and can not do it this Saturday.
Just a terrible company with no service of any kind. I call Kia Depot in Santa Ana, they will NOT look at diagnostic for AC unit on Weekends, only Monday to Friday with appointments. Poeple, let face the fact, people who worked Monday thru Friday to pay for a piece of junk car like a Rio, doesn't have many options when they can take time off work. I now know what a mistake I make purchasing a Kia. I am sucker,and I am stuck with it, so here is warning to everyone else, Do not buy Kia. It will break down on you within months. Warranty will not cover the time you lost trying to fix their junk, or the fustrations, or the knowledge of what a mistake you make with your hard yearn money.
Kia Motors America in Irvine, does not have weekend hours, where most good, hard working people like me would normally have time to seek help with their car issues. No answer. No Service. Maybe that should be Kia's new company logo.
Chris of Hermitage, TN July 15, 2010
My sister recently bought a 2006 Kia Sorento. We paid 9,000.00 for it, and we're the 2nd owner of the vehicle. Right off the bat there were electrical problems of which the dealer was happy to take care of. Now 4 months later in the dead of summer, the Air Conditioning is out, and will cost 1,600.00 to fix. What a load of crap! The car is practically brand new, and shouldn't have this problem.
I contacted Kia as they "BOAST" about their so called 10yr 100,000 mile warranty on every vehicle. They say they stand behind their product. HA! it doesn't follow the vehicle if it is sold. Well duh, people will generally sell or try to rid themselves of a bad car after 1 or 2 major repairs. Warranty void. So I asked the guy at Kia what's the difference whether the vehicle has a new owner or not. It's still well under 10 years, as well as under 100,000 miles. The product is STILL the same. Of course no answer. Just a "I'm sorry sir" Don't EVER buy a Kia.
Chris of St Charles, MO July 14, 2010
I own a 2006 Kia Sedona and hate the gremlins that live inside it. And I am not imaging these although the dealer can't correct or find these problems. Here are some of them: Numerous things: AC does not blow cold continually and has been repaired several times. Horn problems that have been fixed several times (Does not work properly when lock vehicle and it is to "chirp" when it locks).
Also, security horn has had to be replaced. Shifting / odd transmission type problem - the vehicle "bangs" when you come down a hill to a stop. Also, when slowing down to a stop light it actually has a surge or acceleration. Very scary and they say this is ok or they can not find a problem. Also as you are driving it accelerates or decelerates oddly. Brakes - vehicle only has 62000 and have replaced brakes twice.
stacie of brooklyn, NY July 14, 2010
I just purchased a used 2000 Kia Sportage. Very cute and reasonable on gas. But theres a problem with it and it seems like no 1 as the answer for the problem. It stalls when I turn it on and while Im out driving it just lose speed and the rpm box drops and it wont pick up and it make loud noise at this time. Then it just start on its on. I invested more than enough money into the truck. Had the ignition coil, full tune up, ignition wires, gasket, ecu all change. Still doing the same thing. Now Im told it could be the engine harness. I could have just invested in a more expensive car if I have known that I was going to spend so much money..Was just looking for a "get around car".."Some 1 help please"..There have to be a recall on this vehicle.
Rebecca of Danville, AL July 14, 2010
I purchased my KIA Optima from Bramlett KIA in August 2009 this is July 2010 my Optmia has been in the shop 5 times for the transmission shifts very hard when it shifts from first.They reset the ADAPTIVES by KIA'S instructions. Well 5 times later we are back to square one. All I want KIA to do is buy the car back.
Christena of Greeneville, TN July 9, 2010
I was told that Kia was not selling Rhondos any more at my local dealership. How come? I finally found a car I like and it is not being sold.
Robert of Dryden , NY June 30, 2010
I own a 2004 KIA Sadona mini van. In 2008 I brought it into Mathews KIA in Vestal NY because of power steering problems. They replaced a pump. Shortly after that it began making a funny noise so i again brought it back and this time they said it was a pully. Then in 2010 the power steering started sounding real bad again so i took it to the new KIA dealer that just opened in Ithaca NY. They told me it was the power steering rack that is shot and a new one will be 1300.00. I explained that I had it in for a the same sounding issue back in 2008 and that a new pump had been put in and that I shouldnt be having this issue a year and a half later.
The service manager spoke with the district manager. Oh and a side note They did not call me back like they said either time the first time I fanaly called them after 4 days of not hearing from them and the second time when he didnt call back I called him back the next day. Thats when he informed me that he had spoke to the district manager and that they were not gonna cover any of the cost as it was no longer under warrenty. I again explained that it was under warrenty the first time i took it in for the same sounding problem and it is obvious the true problem was not resolved. They replied that they were sorry but could do nothing about it.
I then called the customer service 800 number where i was informed that the district manager has the last word and if he said there was nothing KIA could do then thats that. So I am attempting to find someone higher up to speak to but have not as of yet but will keep trying. Thank you for your time and providing this service.
Donna of Andover, OH June 24, 2010
I owned 2008 Kia Rhondo that I took into Sears because the car was extremely loud and my husband thought I had a bad tire. The sears manager told me the tires we wearing unevenly and offered to do an alignment. After putting the car on the rack he explained the back end was so out of aligned that the tires were tilting inward causing the tires to wear uneven . However, there was no way to correct the problem and that I should contact Kia service. The following morning I called Kia of Mentor, OH and was told that they don't do alignments there but they send all their cars to Bob's Towing and Garage in Painesville. I made an appointment with Bob's Garage and found out the Sears manager was correct their was no fix to correct the back end.
I than proceed to write a letter to Kia's president and was referred to the Kia Regional office, after a few weeks I was told the engineers are looking into the problem and they have found a way to correct the problem and the alignment would be free as soon as the parts come in that was over a month ago and I am still waiting in the mean time I have another set of tires that are destroyed so I also requested a new set of tires. The car is so out of align that it shakes when it goes down the street and the noise is so loud that I can't even hear the radio. The car is not safe to drive but I can not afford to rent a car. I recently had neck surgery and fear for my life every time I am in this car. I have asked for a replacement car and would be satisfied with having the problem being resolved but Kia has done nothing. Please help. I have Matt's number at home and will furnish it to anyone who can help. This car should be recalled.

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