Friday, August 6, 2010

Holding on to stuff

Having stuff in storage for 10 years, you tend to just keep paying the monthly fee. Year after year, items accumulated over the years just end up gathering dust in the storage room. I was paying about 70.00 per month to hold on to stuff I haven't looked at since I moved from Calgary almost 10 years ago.

And today I finally moved all my stuff out of storage and brought some of it home, gave most of it away, and junked the rest. I still have boxes to go through, don't get me wrong. Working through a box last week I found bank statements from 1999 and the year 2000. They were envelopes I had never even opened yet. Looking at the money I spent 10 years ago, it's like having my own time machine. I used to go to Rogers video every Friday or Saturday and rent two movies. Back then it cost me $11 for two movies. I haven't rented a movie in 7 years. There's so much available online, I have 200 years of movies in my hard drives and DVD collection. It's just that insane.

I'm a digital media hoarder. I collect movies and television shows. One day I'll get an exabyte hard drive, and I know I'll fill that bitch up too, just like I did with my measely 1TB hard drive. Just insane when you think about it.

Poking through my old papers I found the house papers and mortgage documents from the place I lived at 10 years ago. I bought a house back in 2000, but thinking back, I could not afford the house. I was the only one working for a time and it was expensive. I'm not embarrassed to  say that at one point my bank balance was so bad, I was almost at - $1000.00. Yes, that's $1,000 into my over-draft. And I had credit cards AND a line of credit. Just bloody insane. Now I only have two credit cards: One with a balance and one for emergencies only (no balance). 

Back then I was 30 years old. I had just come out of a divorce and started dating the woman I am with now. I gave away some of the furniture I had purchased just prior to moving out of the apartment I had shared with my first wife in Calgary. The only item I still have is the huge double-decker coffee table. The wood is beautiful and I refuse to give it up. The table is special to me. I bought this shortly before moving out of the apartment. Although it's got some dents and dings, it's a damn fine table.

It's weird how things change in 10 years. Back then I was:

* Loving country music
* Loved big pickup trucks

Now I:

* Don't really listen to any country music anymore
* Hate pickup trucks

If you asked me what my vehicle of choice would be 10 years ago I would have said a dually Chevrolet Silverado. Now I would say a Porsche 911 Turbo or BMW M5.

Strange times indeed.

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