Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crime is alive and well in Nova Scotia

Barrington RCMP received a report that 4 Continental Touring P195 60R15 wheels, rims and lugnuts were stolen off a 2010 Cobalt over the weekend from a local car dealership situated on Oak Park Road in Barrington, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia. Estimated value of theft: $1,200.00.

This is a fairly rural spot. For people to steal rims right off a dealers lot, you have to be pretty bold. And then I read about a young guy who was robbed of his 21 speed mountain bike by a group of 5 men and 1 woman. They not only took his bike, but the beat the SHIT out of him after they took it! The best part? This happened like 1 FUCKING BLOCK away from where I live! Unbelievable!

Everyday I go to work and I park in the bad side of Gottingen street, Halifax because there's no parking spots in downtown anymore. I'm on a waiting list - fuck knows when I'll get one. Anyway, there's lots of homeless folks and drug addicts on the street, mostly getting help. Sometimes people will bug you but most of the time they will leave you alone. I've only had to threaten one person in my past 7 years of making the trip to work. (I would have knocked the fucker out easily). But that's another story. But I get worried when this shit happens a little closer. Time to get a baseball bat I guess.

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