Friday, August 27, 2010

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On a whim I went to the wayback archive machine and tried and man, I couldn't believe it, my 2nd blog was there. My first blog ( ) is also there in it's crappy glory. I can sum it up like this:  

Was created when I lived in Calgary. I was married but the marriage ended in divorce after we both discovered our relationship was over. Back then I blogged from 1998 through to 1999 (about a year) and had some pretty raw stories back then of driving in cow town. I was a redneck who drove a F150 pickup truck with a 5L V-8 engine. I was about 28 or 29 years old back then and life was, well, horrible when I wrote the blog. It wasn't anyone's fault, stuff just happens and people change. I regret many of the things I did in the past, but, you can't change the past. 

It was created in 2006 and ran for about a year. Back then I had this brilliant idea of competing with other auto review web sites like Canadian Driver and the daily newspaper auto blogs. I even had my own professional photographer (Ray) who went with me to drive all kinds of cars. O'Regeans was the dealership and many others let me drive their vehicles, I appreciated it greatly. Unfortunately I lost my passion for writing about test drives. I found myself wanting to write about the daily grind of life and my regular bitches via the website. And then the unthinkable happened: My web site got hacked by some asshole Turkish hackers who immediately deleted all my content and did a terrible job of defacing it. I managed to get my site back up, but some of the content was missing because I wasn't doing regular backups. I guess that's what you get when you run a free blog under Joomla! software. Ray and I parted ways after about 9 months as he had other work to do and he began doing wedding photos and stuff. He was a really cool guy.

In between 2007 and 2008 I decided to try Social Networking like Facebook and Linkedin. At first I resisted signing up with both of them because I didn't really see value contained in either web site. I joined both and quickly discovered how annoying facebook was. One thing that bugged me was the privacy rule. You didn't have any. And anything that you uploaded or published to your page was immediately the property of Facebook. I had a hard time with that. Why should they own my personal information, photos, and posts? Furthermore, any application that you choose to run on Facebook had carte blanche' to your own personal information. I signed out of Facebook and had my account deleted. I then dropped out of Linkedin once I noticed that it turned into a social networking web site rather than a professional business connection site. Don't fool yourself, it's just a heavily padded Facebook site without Farmville.

2008 rolls around and I hear about Blogspot with Google. I realize that I am signing my life away by posting from Google, but I am more careful about what I place on the site. Plus the data is backed up and I can pull the plug on this site whenever I want. I decided to register my own domain when godaddy had an insane domain sale. I bought for 79 cents plus tax: $1.06. That's the cheapest domain I could get. 

What is odd is I find myself going back in time, checking my old blog posts, remembering situations or events that I had long forgotten. I find them especially amusing. I can't believe how reckless I was when I lived in Calgary. Street racing? Seriously? People grow up and get old. People change. I make friends and they sometimes disappear. On rare situations you meet someone that really connects with you. Those days are really rare now. When I go and visit George in the veteran's hospital I think how lucky I am to be able to function on my own. I am grateful for the days and time that I have and the people I work and live with. 

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