Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1997 Cadillac Seville STS $ 1800 OBO (True Story)

An actual ad from Kijijij Halifax:

Comes wit Chrome 20s rims,new battery,leather,sunroof
Been Park up all Summer got someting new n less flashy
 AS IS 1800 or o.b.o 

A buddy at work contacted the seller who (as it turns out) resides on a shady side of Dartmouth. Every phone call he would make it sounded like the guy was paranoid. He was always getting off the phone quick and would say stuff like "Oh man I gotta GO!". Anyway my friend showed me how exactly ghetto it was by showing me a google street view of the actual car captured by the Google Cam. People hanging out in the front yard (9?) jumping in the air and big gold chains and rows of crack houses. Now my buddy isn't exactly a big dude. He went by HIMSELF to get a good look at the car - which I think is crazy. He said some big 400+ pound black dude came out with boxing shorts and underwear, baggy shirt and big chains. As soon as he came out he said "Dawg DIS ride is for you!". The car hasn't been running in over a year. Most notably, it was a green Cadillac Seville STS with leather and 20 INCH RIMS. The rims alone are worth 1200 dollars. Blue book on the car puts it near $5500. NO idea where this car came from. He talked the guy down to 1400 dollars and managed to get the car boosted. One problem: The car would not idle slower than 3,000 rpm. Big problem. I told him not to buy it.

And that is the true to life ghetto story of the day!

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