Sunday, July 11, 2010

Test Drive 2010

During September 2010 (16-30) I'll be heading to Winnipeg to visit family and friends. I'm going to try and pull off some impossible test drives. Literally, it takes great balls and convincing skill to pull this off. Here are the vehicles I will try to take out and test drive during my stay in Winnipeg:

Nissan GT-R - Almost impossible to arrange. But I will appear as an out-of-town buyer and see if I can arrange a test drive. I might bring my buddy who has professional quality HD video cameras and the proper gear to record this event.

ZR-1 Corvette - Another rare test drive, likely I may end up driving a used one. New ones are very difficult to get off the lot without a deposit. Most buyers buy them with little to no mileage on the clock.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - This could be easier than I think. The last time I visited that particular dealership they let me drive a 2007 Porsche Cayman S. (See my earlier post for my actual test drive - just click on Porsche for the label).

Ford Fiesta -- This car really interests me and it may even be a car for me next year, depending on how my finances are. Should be an easy test drive. Not only is this car new for 2011, but it's exactly the same award-winning car that's been in Europe for a long time now.

Chevy Volt -- I doubt this car will be available but I will try and drive this car when I get there. It's the only true electric car out there with gas-assist.

Fiat 500 -- If Dodge has this car in the showroom when I am there I will put this at the TOP of my list. The car is awesome; especially the Abarth version which has about 130 bhp and weighs as much as a mosquito. Although it's a cutesy car, it definately warrants a close look!

If you think I should test drive any special cars, let me know. I will try and line them up in a timely manner and get the reviews posted quickly. I'll have access to the internet from a buddy's place, as my mom does not have any internet (nor any computers - believe it or not!).

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