Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Rolling Garbage Scow, or KIA Borrego?

You may be tempted to buy a KIA. Deep down you're thinking "Hmmmm... how can a vehicle have so many features yet be so cheap?" 

I have to admit, if I was blind and mentally retarded, I would really go for one of these cars. Made from the same company Hyundai, KIA motors has been making efforts to rise above the class of turds it has resided in for so many years. You know, those awful cars and trucks that nobody should drive yet you see them on the roads being driven by the very young and the almost dead (old) people. 

Case in point: Driving down the bridge from Halifax today, I spotted the Luxury (!) SUV from KIA in front of me. Besides having the big KIA sign plastered on the front and back, I noticed something strange about the SUV. Introduced in Canada in 2008, this flaccid South Korean junk heap promised economic Luxury for the masses! Imagine having Lexus-like interior and McDonald's-like prices. My memory isn't so faded. I remember the piece of shit KIA Amanati that I drove a few years ago in a test drive. It was so awful that even the salesman could only boast about the sound system. But the car in front of me had rust. Rust that had began on the rear windshield wiper arm, and proceeded to drip down and stain the entire back side of the Borrego. And that is exactly why I will never purchase a South Korean car: A promise of economical price coupled with shitty components and shoddy workmanship. Crap is crap.

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