Sunday, July 18, 2010

Phone Snobs

I'm anti-establishment. Over 50% of the people I work with have some generation of smartphone, and the majority of those phones are the ubiquitous iPhone. I fail to see the lure of these devices. Locked in a virtual walled-garden by Steve Jobs of Apple, you are at the mercy of this company. I don't have facebook, linkedin, nor am I a public twitter user. (Although I have a profile it has been placed private so nobody can subscribe). I don't have anything worth saying. I don't need followers. I could give a rats ass if nobody even read this shitty blog. It serves no purpose but to record my own tiny life in a vast sea of similar content. I got sick of the $50 crappy phone I bought from wal-mart 9 months ago and purchased a Motorolla phone circa 2006 era. It's slightly better but I only pay 20  per month, and no contract. I don't need text plans or web browsing. If phone manufacturers had it their way, we'd be forced to upgrade to a new phone every year. It's gotten so bad in America that Virgin Mobile is now offering free cellular phones - for a price: You must listen to a 30 second ad prior to answering or making phone calls. And you're limited to 200 minutes per month.

If you use Google Chrome, you've sold your soul to the devil without even knowing it. Every single web site and keystroke is logged and sent over to their data center. Google Chrome isn't a web browser. It's a data mining gold mine. Same thing with Facebook and Linkedin. They own all content and have all rights over every single thing you put on the page. 

And so I'm staying with obsolete technology: CDMA cell technology. GSM is too expensive in Canada, especially for 3G and 4G data rates. If you want such a phone in Canada you can expect to pay at least $80 per month, not including the phone "subsidy" costs over 3 years. Sure, you can "buy" an unlocked phone, but prepare to spend $800 on a quality iPhone 4 or Nexus One 4G or HTC Hero.

As a culture we're slowing evolving into self-absorbed selfish assholes who want only the latest, greatest, and of course, at the cheapest price possible.

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