Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Now that's a curious duck

Photo Courtesy of National Geographic.

True story. I was driving to the drug store the other day and this duck (similar to the one pictured here) was walking the parking lot with a pigeon. WALKING. He wasn't even a little bit scared of my car or the fact that I parked. When I went in and out of the store, the little guy was still there! In fact, he FOLLOWED me to my car! A brazen little duck, I must say. I think he was on to me. He knew, deep down in my glovebox was a 2 year old bag of dill pickle chips - don't ask my why I still have them - resting in the glove box. I threw a handful out the window and he ran up and devoured them all. Out of  curiosity I snacked on a chip and almost threw up right there. They were stale, nasty stale... with a hint of dust and dill pickle. The duck didn't seem to mind. He enjoyed the chips. As did the pigeon. Ducks rule.

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