Friday, June 11, 2010

Who is really in charge of the Gulf Oil Spill?

A question asked by many Americans lately, and it's becoming a sad and ridiculous state of affair when Anderson Cooper of CNN has been doing a great job blasting BP for it's inept job of cleaning up. It seems that BP's primary concern for the first 30 days was not the spill, but containing the bad PR and doing it's best in underestimating the actual real world spill size. 

People in the US Gulf states are devastated. BP is quick to chime in and say they've paid "55 million" in claims so far, but when journalists on TV and other media interview the local folks, they've been submitting claims for over a MONTH and still haven't gotten jack shit. And those that did receive money? They had to provide 3 years of detailed monthly statements of income to BP before they could be "evaluated". And while mortgages and other debts can't wait for these payments that initially begin at $5,000 dollars, many of the people who work in the Gulf coast need many times that to just pay their normal operating expenses. 

And perhaps more disturbing was the collusion between some US departments and BP in preventing cleanup workers and people responsible for cleaning up oily birds from talking to the media. They've all been given gag orders (or non-disclosure agreements to those familiar with this type of legal speak). NDA's give a company power over their workers and those who break the rule will either be fired, sued, or both. It also gives the company the ability to minimize the actual damage done to the environment by silencing those who are actually doing the work in the gulf. And that includes vessels out to sea currently working in and around the spill containment. 

BP's inaction on their containment is beyond anything ever experienced by any company before. Even the CEO's statement about "Wanting to get his life back" is ludicrous. 11 people were incinerated when the Deepwater Horizon blew the fuck up after hitting a pocket of methane with a defective (suspected) blow off valve. The fact that it may not be until August before BP manages to get two relief wells in place means little to nothing to those affected by this huge disaster.  I really doubt these relief wells will do anything to slow the oil leak. Why don't they blast the thing shut using extremely high explosives deep below the porous sea bed? Using a nuclear bomb doesn't seem like a ludicrous idea when pretty well your entire southern seabed is permanently contaminated by sweet crude oil. 


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