Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update: Shit Don't Last Anymore - Headphones Replaced!

I phoned Sony and they proved utterly useless to me. They wanted me to present a receipt for a set of headphones I had almost purchased a year ago. Seriously, who keeps receipts from almost a year ago? I don't. Shit, I can't even find my receipt from my HDTV I bought last August. Seriously.

Anyway I made some calls to the Best Buy store I purchased the headphones originally. I never thought this would go anywhere, but I asked if they could give me my receipt from last year. They looked but couldn't find it... but offered to replace my headphones anyway with a NEW set free of charge. All I had to do was return my old ones. Now that is customer service. I'll write a thank you letter to the manager. Sometimes it's really good to know you can get a decent deal now and then.

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