Monday, June 21, 2010

Shit Don't Last Anymore

I bought a pair of Sony headphones less than 6 months ago - MDR-V150's - good quality - or so I thought. They snapped in half today. I ran into a lady at the smoke shop the other day, who had the same pair and went through "about 6 of them" in about 2 years. No shit. 

I'm sending Sony a complaint, not sure how far this will go, likely nowhere. I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of their products lately. It seems in this disposable society, nothing is made to last longer than 6 months. It's like everyone is on this constant treadmill to upgrade.

"Gotta have that iPhone G4"
"I need a new media player"
"Damn my car feels slow"
"My shoes are scuffed up"
"HDTV is so old. I need 3D HDTV"

Fuck that.

Give me back the old Televisions with the rabbit ears. I need my motherfucking VCR or BETAMAX with the old style tapes. Life is so complicated, I gotta run a special application just to know what fucking CODEC to use in order to view video files on my computer now (ala G-SPOT).

Pretty soon, we'll be trading in our personalities for something "more exciting".

I've pre-ordered Scarface. Tony Montana should be here in 2020.


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