Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roadmate 1424 - "It's very accurate"

A few tests on the road shows this GPS updates your tracking information very quickly and recalculates routes in seconds. I found myself testing it along well known routes and had it do the best route for me. Turns out my routes were about 90% the same. One surprising thing was I was driving along and all of a sudden the GPS shouted "traffic!". There wasn't much cars around but I was standing at a red light. I didn't order the traffic antenna for this GPS, so I'm wondering how that happened. You can have the GPS switch to 3D move which is cool because you get a visual terrain indication if you're going to be going up or down hills. My only beef: Where is the battery meter? Sunction-cup to the windshield I had no problems looking at the display or hearing the announcer. There's no SD card slot so programming must be done through USB. So far, I think it's been a very good investment.


Stoneman said...

If anyone's interested, this GPS can be bought at any Canadian Tire or Futureshop for $99. This GPS is being sold at discount as it's almost a year old now, but the maps are very current (and accurate).

A friend of mine also bought one, and is testing it too.


Anonymous said...

The battery meter is located at the upper-right of the POI screen, along with the GPS signal strength.

It *CAN* be recharged via USB, if you use a wall charger, or one of those USB cables with two flat connectors, just plug in the power-only part. It's when the unit sees activity on it's USB data lines that it complains. What a stupid design.

Battery is a 3.7v 720mAh Li-ion pack, pretty simple to replace with something stronger, there's a fair amount of room if you remove the speaker. There's not much else in there that is hackable.

Link To Pics: