Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PEI Trip Scheduled

I'm taking a quick bullrun to Prince Edward Island on Saturday (return trip, about 650 km). It should be a good trip, will try to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery of PEI. It's a lovely place. I'll try to post some shots during the weekend if I have some time.  In the mean time, I'll post some pictures I took during April / May - just a few shots.

The picture on the left is a shot I took on the boardwalk when it just stopped raining. The camera is facing east, and you can just make out the ominous dark storm clouds in the horizon.

 Close-up shot of the Canadian flag taken during Canada Day. The red contrasts very well with the blue sky.

  I took this shot when a boat was way out to sea. My camera has a 10x optical zoom so I max'd out the zoom and tried to capture the dark ominous clouds that hung just over the back of the boat. Looks pretty cool.

 A buddy at work calls Pigeons "Rats with wings" and maybe he's right. They really own the city, walking obliviously into traffic and through people's legs. Once while eating a sandwich on a bench, I actually had a flock of these guys come right AT me when I was eating. Never had that happen to me before. Never give them a piece of bread either -- MORE of them just come back!

A tall glass of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, taken at an odd angle to simulate a crooked glass. The same shot below, from a higher angle.

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