Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Things I learned watching HellRaiser

1. The story is great and the demons are pretty terrifying. Imagine a place in hell so bad they specialize in torture like a fine chef who practices recipes. Pinhead's favorite line is "Oh we have such sights to show you!". Indeed.

2. If you find a LeMarchand Box, don't play around with the friggin' thing. Leave it alone.

3. The animatronics are pretty dated now. Back in 1987, it was pretty bad ass. Now it just looks like an amusing children's toy. I've seen kids games a bit more scary than this.

4. It's the only movie I've seen where you actually want to cheer for the bad guys. It's kinda like Scarface on acid. Sure, they're evil and they really don't give a shit. But they're only there because another evil person summoned them. Pretty simple.

5. The music, composed by Christopher Young and Orchestrated by Paul Francis Witt, is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring songs I have ever heard. It's touching but very sad. You can really feel the raw emotion in this song. But it's also very powerful, dark, and moving. There is a purpose, a driven fact behind the song.

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