Thursday, May 6, 2010


Going 100 in an 80 zone is pretty quick. Not fast enough for the Ford Minivan who I passed on the highway, apparently. I dunno, some people get really pissed when you pass them. It's irrational behavior I've seen again and again. You over-take someone on the highway, resume cruising at your passing speed, and the jackass behind you passes YOU. The ol' Subaru was legendary coming through 60 - 100 km/hour in no time at all. The old crappy Ford Windstar SPORT minivan had no chance. But you have to keep it cool. Excessive speeding is not only dangerous but extremely costly. A minimal speeding ticket costs $250. Speeding +20 up is about 400+. (Which is why you always stick to rule #1: When speeding, ensure you have another driver in FRONT of you. That way if the police are there, you can easily slow down and the person in front usually takes the blame). 

Some people need a fucking clue when driving on the highway. They stay in the left lane and people end up passing these fuckers on the right side.  Bring on the rice!

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