Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Ferrari F430 Spyder??!

It's unbelievable. Walking to my car in Halifax I heard the unmistakable growl of a Ferrari engine going down Gottingen street. I couldn't believe my eyes, a black (2006?) Ferrari F430 Spyder. Absolutely beautiful car, made a left turn down a side street. No idea who was driving it.

In a province of less than a million people, there are some really rich folks who drive super-expensive cars. For example, someone bought an Audi R8 last year, and it costs approximately $168,000 CDN. (I know, I asked the salesman who had the car locked in the showroom & had a 'sold' sign on it). 

I know it was locked because I tried to get in the car.

I saw a Maserati Quattroport a few years ago, but, honestly it's a douche car anyway..  I haven't seen a GT-R yet here, but who knows, maybe one day they'll get lost and end up here.

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