Thursday, May 6, 2010

70 Year Old Man Punches SLOW POKE in the face

FTW Bitches!

When we hit our 70s, we sure hope we can enjoy the small things in life. And by that we mean doing things old people are supposed to do. Like driving really slow.

That won't be happening if folks like Brandon Poulson are around. The Iowa man was arrested for a March 27 incident where he allegedly attacked a 70-year-old because he was "driving like an old man."

Police say Poulson became extremely aggravated while driving behind a man and his wife. He started swearing at him because he was so offended by his old-man driving habits.

And being the nice old man he was, the guy pulled over to let Poulson pass. Poulson didn't get the kind gesture and decided to pull over too. Why, you ask? He thought the man deserved several strikes to the head and face.

When police questioned Poulson, he said he did strike the man because his driving pissed him off. What's the unwritten law about respecting your elders? We couldn't hear it over the fist-to-head beating.

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