Monday, April 5, 2010

Various Photos I've Taken Recently

Some photography I've been dabbling in and have decided to upload to my website. Click on the image to view a larger sample of it.

Pictured left: A shot from my balcony during a majestic sunset. Taken with a Fuji S700 point-and-shoot camera (7 mega pixels).

The boarded-up house is an old whorehouse from 1700's. It was built as an Inn back in the late 1700's and was a prostitute motel in the early 1800's. Later on I think it was converted to rent housing before being declared an important historic property. It was boarded up, put on jacks, and moved 60 feet to make way for a new condo unit being built in Halifax.

 Rust man. Someone spray-painted an image of this artist guy no a rusty concrete wall. I have no idea why or who did it... but I like it.

 Zoom out to a parking lot filled with boulders and has an edge of grafitti. At one point the mural had the words "Fuck the police" but it has long since been over-written with new art.
 This is a sideways shot of scaffolding on an historic building in downtown Halifax. I tilted to photo to make it more interesting with the angles.
 A shot outside my work window showing the view of the Halifax Harbour. I am spoiled, I have a window seat and I can look out and see across from Halifax to Dartmouth any time I want. There are no rows of cubes for me (at the moment...). I have been at my current employer for over 7 years, making me the most senior, so, I am happy with my spot.
 People keep plastering stupid signs on abandoned buildings. I call this the wall of NO. Don't ask me what it's about. I like the patterns though.

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