Friday, April 23, 2010

Ricer Day 6: Stories

No pictures today. It's been a bitch uploading pictures to Blogger lately. I've had to resort to using Picasa and linking them to my own photo album. Instead I will write a story about some of the crazy ricers I've seen in my time on this Earth.

Can someone explain why Acura Integras are the #1 riced cars out there?
Every single Integra I have seen has been modified extensively, usually riced to shit. Even the coveted Type-R cars, the rice is so thick it's ridiculous. Honda discontinued this car long ago. It was a good car. Tuners took to it like flies to shit. But when you adorn big wings and stupid Vtec stickers all over the car.... what's the point? Plus these cars are #1 on the most stolen list next to the Honda Civic SiR. Good luck getting insurance on those cars - it's expensive in some areas.

I was walking in Downtown Halifax a few days ago and I stumbled upon a Japanese Nissan GT-R (circa 1993). I was awestruck. The car was beaten up a bit, but it had the right-hand drive and was completely Japanese-Spec inside and out. However the car was not riced at all. It had all the basic functions per a normal performance car.

On Tuesday I parked my Subaru Impreza on a city street and when I came back after work I saw this gorgeous black 2007 WRX STi parked right in front of my car. I had to say, it looked really awesome. It's an incredible car to drive, so quick and tight on the turns. I felt a bit sad when I looked at my basic car. The car looks exactly like the STi except I don't have a huge wing on the back. That and the fact I don't have 305 bhp turbo-charged engine with a 6-speed manual and a super-duty drive train. I have to admit, the car looks really riced from stock. The big ass wing is ridiculous. In an off-road rally these wings have to be reinforced so they don't snap off from their own weight. They also have roof scoops to ventilate the drivers because a WRC spec car doesn't have air conditioning.

Probably the worst color you can paint a car is bright neon green. Green and grey, this Chrysler 300 was painted, a horrible two-tone color scheme from hell. It was parked in Halifax on the street and had the usual ricey shit on it: shiny rims, deep tint, and crappy chrome window surrounds. Crap is crap folks.

During my trip across the bridge today I saw an epic car: 1992 Geo Metro. It was being driven by a guy my age - 40's, it was green and primer gray. He probably pays $50 a year in insurance and that much in gas a month. But the cars not safe at all. My grandma died in one during a horrible accident in 1998 of December. My uncle was driving his Geo Metro and accidentally went through a 4-way stop sign. The car was T-boned by a Ford F150 truck. She past away instantly (God rest her soul). My uncle never really fully recovered and was partially crippled.

And that is that.

And now for some chillout music. I really like these Bone n' Thugs Harmony from Cali. 90's Gangster rap.... Love it.

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