Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pulled over by the police

A friend of mine told me today he got pulled over by the police TWICE in one day. The first time they got him, it was a registration sticker that was missing off his car. The fine for that infraction was $185. The next ticket he got was by speeding in a 110 zone doing 135 km/hour. The officer cut him a break and only charged him the 1-15 km/hour over the limit. That ticket cost $260. 

When I travel on the highways I rarely go over +10. Even then, its tempting to climb to 120 or more. But my car isn't designed for speed above 160 km/hour, so going that fast would be madness. The throttle is limited to 110 mph anyway. At that speed the drive train noise is just ridiculous. Now driving the WRX STi (320 bhp), it's a whole different story. Basically, you can climb to 150 mph easily if you disable the throttle limiter. I've never done that because 1. I don't own a WRX STi and 2. It voids your warranty if you do that anyway.

A buddy of mine at work bought a 2002 Audi TT Quattro Turbo (220 bhp). The downside of this car was talked about in my earlier posts. But now he tells me he gets alot of race challenges at stop lights and red lights. It's rather ridiculous. His car is loud, that boomy exhaust and low tight suspension really rattles your back. The car would be much better on a track than a daily driver.

And so I thought to myself: "What car would I drive if a manufacturer offered it to me for a little while?". Thinking back to what I liked and what cars I had driven in the past, I immediately settled into the Infinity G37S. The car is really sweet. I can't really say I like the Nissan 370, but if you're spending money, why not go full-out and get the GT-R? That car would be my ultimate choice. But I couldn't park it anywhere because it would get stolen. That's the problem with elite cars: Where do you park them? You can't park them outside on the street. You can't leave them on your own driveway. Someone will steal it. They have to be placed in underground bunkers, away from the thieves and scumbags who would try to steal your car.

So Nissan, if you read this post, please contact me and let me know if I can drive your GT-R for a month or so. I promise to write rave reviews about your car. Leave a comment and I'll give you my contact information.


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