Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Reflection

Creating a Business
I'm debating on whether or not to start my own part time business. It would be computer consulting and my customers would be individuals and small business. I can afford to take a little time to do this and the extra money would come in handy. I even have a friend at work who is willing to give me free hosting on his server farm. All I need to do is register a domain name and pick a company name to use. I haven't decided on the company name yet. I'll think about it over the next few days.

Photography and Cinematography

I've been also learning more about photography and cinematography. I decided one night to view some youtube videos on how to compose shots and perform post-production on the work you record. I tried in vain to learn CS4 but honestly that program is geared towards professionals. I was lost in the editing layers. Its just too complicated. Composing images into unusual arrangements is very interesting and challenging work. I make no illusions, I won't be an award winning photographer but just learning is good enough for me.


Just the other day I checked my oil and was shocked there was NONE on the dip tube. I added 1 liter of oil and started the engine, turned it off and waited. NO OIL. I then cautiously drove up to the top of the street and purchased two more liters of 5W30. I dumped one liter in and checked again. This time it came right up to the top. The moral of the story: Check your oil every week. It was about a month or so since I last checked it. With the Subaru boxer engines, it does consume oil, especially if you drive hard (or enthusiastically). I now check my oil every day.

Website Content

This website has random content, whatever I find funny or have a story to tell, I describe it here. I have no idea who my readers are. I assume they are just robots scouring my web page every night. At one point I used to get a lot of comments, but not anymore. That's ok with me. I also have a twitter account (if you're interested in following my random banter). My twitter name is AUTOREVU and my page has a huge American flag with the Hitman Contracts guy on it. I just love that image. 

Have a great Easter.

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