Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Idiots Street Racing in Sackville Drive (again)

This foolish asshole in a crappy Hyundai Tiburon (wooooo !!!!) tried to race a stupid asshole in a Mazda RX-8.  Both cars aren't great for speed. Given, the Mazda has way more power over the shitty Hyundai, it's still like racing a Honda Civic against a Toyota Corolla. Nobody gives a shit.

At least the Hyundai increased in value by spilling the blood of the owner all over the interior as it flipped over. I drove a V6 Tiburon a year ago for a test drive. It was terrible. You know the cars going to be bad when all the salesman talks about is the massive sound system that's been placed there. Slow shifting, boggy brakes, acceleration, and handling of a hippo. When I got back into my Subaru Impreza I thanked God for it. The Tib was that bad folks. Plus, if you're a guy and you drive this car, people don't think you're cool. You're more than likely gay or (just) coming out of the closet. Not that I Have anything against that - it's just not my bag.

I drove down this same street back when I first got my Subaru. Can you believe I actually had a Chevy Astro van try to beat me off the line and cut me off? The crowing moment of my idiocy was me cheering as I beat him badly and yelled "IS that all you got?"

I need a God damn motherfuckin Aston Martin V8 Vantage. NOW.

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