Monday, March 22, 2010

2002 Audi TT Quattro Turbo (6M)

A good friend of mine at work - Stephen - purchased a used 2002 Audi Quattro Turbo TT from a used car dealer in Texas last month for about 9800$ give or take a few hundred dollars. The car had 100,000 miles on the clock and came with the a 6-speed manual transmission and all wheel drive. He's the same guy who helped me change my front brake pads (I still owe him on that). Anyway, he drove me to my car today and there's a few niggling things that bothered me about his car:

Boomy Exhaust. Whoever owned the car previously replaced the stock Audi exhaust with a twin set of noisy Borla pipes. What happens is you get a car that sounds like mini thunder clouds rolling through your head. Even after two minutes I was starting to get a head ache.

Eighteens. Yep, eighteen inch wheels on very thin Nitto-style tires (or Tyres as they say in the UK). While they handle and look great, the problem? They have absolutely no cushioning and are hard as hell going over the bumps. Which leads me to the next complaint...

Modified (Lowered) Suspension. My back. Oh my fucking back. Every single God Damn bump was felt with authority as we rolled down the street. And these weren't big bumps. I'm talking about the gaps between sections of road that normally you don't feel driving a regular car. These came in loud and clear. My back is still throbbing from it.

Blow off Valve. Nothing makes me tense up more than hearing that annoying PFSSSSAHHHH on the turbo's blow-off valve as you release the gas pedal. Stephen was going to get a horn so it made a beep noise when you change gears. I begged him not to. Infact, I begged him to remove the blowoff valve completely. It's unnecessary and douchy. (Sorry Stephen).

HID Headlights. Your neighbors will soon hate you as you drive down the road with these beams from hell. While legal, I don't believe they really add much more light than the Sylvania Starlights you can get. Plus with HID's you have lights that are by design, under high PRESSURE. You must be extremely careful handling these systems. If you make the mistake of touching a cool bulb and not clean off your fingerprints, expect a grease explosion from the headlights. They're just too damn bright.

Zero rear seatroom. While in my car you would be comfortable if you cut off your lower legs. But in the Audi TT, you actually have to be amputated at the waist in order to be comfortable. Or only have kids in the back. Kids under than 7 years old. In a car seat. Maybe.

There's a bunch more things that I don't like about the Audi - like the pretentious design and love-it-or leave it cabin space. I told him to change the timing chain as SOON as possible. I hope for his sake the turbo lasts a long, long time. Unfortunately with modified cars, this isn't always what happens. Good luck Stephen! 

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