Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Front Brake Pads - Easy!

Many thanks to Mr. Yeomans (buddy and co-worker) who helped me through this using his knowledge, tools, and know-how! I really appreciated it. I won't describe the steps done to replace my front pads, it's been documented a million times before. I bought my pads at Canadian Tire, which was 50% cheaper than the dealership who wanted $175 for two brake pads (left/right). Canadian Tire did screw up, they put the wrong damn OEM brakes in my box, I had to purchase a more expensive "Slotted" ATE brake pad set for 90$ total tax-in. I'm still a bit pissed at that. My hands are dirtier, I smell a little like brake cleaner fluid (mmmmm), but overall - EASY TO DO. Even "bedding" in the brakes was super-simple. I couldn't tell these were new brakes when I was done - they fit that well. My old brakes had barely any material left on them. YET the wear sensor did not sound at any time!
I'm tired. The front brakes are done - good for years now, and by that time, I'll (hopefully) be driving a different vehicle.

Youtube is a great resource on learning how to replace your pads. I literally saved $200 in labour in doing this myself & a friend. I feel damn proud about it too.

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