Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jogging to Subaru

Let's face it: Once you hit 40, either you're out of shape, or you're not. I'm not fat but after running roughly 5 kilometers from work to pick up my Subaru, Jesus, I thought I was going to die on the sidewalk.

My car was in the shop for a minor recall. Apparently a fuel valve in the gas tank that controls the emergency reserve tank can get stuck closed & when taking corners hard you may have your engine stall. I never encountered that, but, thought it should be good to get it looked at anyway. Turns out my damn safety sticker had expired too. $25 but I'll have to pay it next week. I'll explain why. In the process of trying to remove my gas tank, the dealer mechanic accidentally snapped a bolt off my tank. I'm surprised they were so honest with me, really, good to see. They ordered a new gas tank and will replace it next week. They also found my rear control arm bushings to be completely worn out -- from what? They replaced it for free though. They washed my car and detailed it, very nice to have that done. 

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