Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook and LinkedIn are Utterly Useless

Social networking sites are at an all-time high for personal use. I too tried facebook. Let's face it, we wall want friends and to be accepted by everyone. But truly, my breaking point to facebook was when I was getting bombarded by unrelenting and meaningless status updates from people I really didn't give a rats ass about. For example:

John Smith is excited about his upcoming trip to the barber!

>> Really? How can this help brighten up my day? This person is truly pathetic.

Cathy Bates is going to enjoy her day off with the cat.

>> Good stuff. Now maybe she can fuck off and stop bothering everyone with her stupid kitty pictures. Nobody cares.

Jim Bacs loves his new Apple iPod and headphones

>> Whoopdie shit. I use a Zune. 

And better yet, when you try to limit the amount of useless status updates, it impossible. The only way I could do it was by removing EVERY single application, including that stupid status wall. When I finally sat back and looked at what was left with Facebook after I removed all the bullshit, I just had a simple address book. So I deleted my account and sent an email to Facebook support requesting my data to be removed from their servers (this took two weeks).

After that I decided to finally relent to the endless LinkedIn spam I was getting from customers and co-workers. You know the ones where you get this e-mail out of the blue that says: "Janet Smith would like to add you to her LinkedIn account. Click here". So I created a Linked in account.

Linkedin was fine and dandy until I got near 60 connections, and then suddenly not only was I getting link requests from ex-coworkers, but I was also getting requests from people I NEVER worked with, like my ex-wife's friend and even my ex-wife. Nothing against them, I just didn't want to have to deal with anything anymore.

And then I started noticing that LinkedIn status updates were slowly resembling the facebook updates. I decided to change my Avatar picture to EasyE from NWA (a prominent 80's rapper who loved guns). I secretly wondered if people thought I had lost it. Maybe I had. The breaking point came when after I received linkedin requests from people I didn't know, and didn't care about. I just deleted the account and sent a request to the LInkedIn help desk to remove my personal information from their database.

WHO benefits from the information contained in Linkedin? Linkedin! You may receive a few headhunter requests here and now, but Linkedin is data mining your precious personal information and using it for their own marketing purposes! You better believe there is a price to pay for using this over-glorified address book. Do yourself a favour and remove yourself from linkedin today. You won't regret it.

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