Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada Blasting the Russians in Hockey

I pray to God we can get this one down and hold a good record. GO CANADA GO!
Last time we lost against Russia. They're damn good players. We must come back strong, and we must prove we can compete!

For people who don't understand the hockey culture in Canada, it's not only our sport, but it's almost a religion. Every weekend kids and teens play in back yards and in rinks across the country. We get winter 7 months of the year, and for this Canadian, watching hockey is like being close to God in some ways. Playing hockey is hard, it requires great skill on ice and an impressive level of cardio and balance. I can't skate worth shit. But give me a hockey stick and we'll play some street hockey for fun. 

Hockey in Canada is like Football is to Europe. We know all the players. We know all the rules. We routinely talk about it every saturday when Hockey Night in Canada is on. Sure we have our favorite commentators and radio personalities. We all have favorite teams - mine is either Pittsburg or Calgary. (I used to like the Winnipeg Jets before they went under in the early 90's).

So for every Canadian watching hockey, and to my neighbors who I am sure I am bugging when I yell as we score another goal.... GO CANADA GO!!!!!!

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