Friday, January 15, 2010

Real World Apocalypse Hits Haiti (Warning: Graphic Images)

My boring blog posts usually have poorly written articles about bullshit, traffic, and some crappy Zombie story that I've been trying to patch together. Well as you know in Haiti this week there was a level 7 Earth Quake which, by conservative estimates, has killed at least 200,000 people. 

Over 1400 Canadians are unaccounted for in Haiti. That means they are dead or missing. There's no social or control over there anymore. People are desperate for food and water, and have began looting & killing for food and water. I was watching a broadcast on CNN today and the anchorman said "The aid workers was distributing food to the hordes of people, and somehow, a rumour spread out that the food's expiry date had been passed". The crowd got furious and the rescue workers abandoned them in fear of their lives.

In the streets, dead bodies lie uncovered and bloating from sitting in the sun for days. The stench of death and decay is palpable and makes you retch with vomit. Underneath the ruins, people lay dying in desperate need of being rescued from the huge piles of concrete and steel. Haiti was never made to be a country to weather Quakes like California was. Even the Haitian presidential palace was flattened by the massive tremors that hit the tiny island. 

There's so many dead bodies, people have begun burning them in the streets and pouring petroleum fuel on them. Imagine hurricaine Katrina times 100,000.

Canada has launched two warships to the region yesterday, full of rescue supplies and personnel needed to help out. Who else would leave the safety of their home with less than 24 hours notice to help a country far away? The military. These people deserve the highest level of respect and gratitude for doing this. Why does humanity shine in helping others in time of need, and yet we are easily capable of unspeakable acts to others?

God help the poor people of Haiti. God help them indeed.

UPDATE: Raw Images of Bodies Recovered. VERY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING.

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