Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zombie Survival Story

I laughed at the last sentence. "Of course I'm kidding. There's no way an angel or whatever visited you. They don't exist. God has never spoken to me directly and I've never met anyone who has either. Chill out and relax" I said, tossing John another beer. The idea that angels and demons were on the earth sounded rather ridiculous. If I began believing this I was afraid I would start losing my own sanity. It was much easier to disbelieve than face an uncertain reality. "Maybe you're right" he said, opening the can of Miller Lite as we watched the surrounding area. Going back to the body pile where the sniper hid was out of the question. We had to find another way out of the city, and quick. "I've got an idea" Marci said, pulling a map out of her back pocket and holding it against the bus shelter window. Her finger pointed to a location 60 miles to the west of Winnipeg, named Portage La Prairie. 

I knew that place well enough. "I've been there many times in my youth" I said, remembering a simpler time when I caught fish off the banks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. "My grandma has a house located in 48-8th Street North East, just near the entrance to Portage as you come in off the highway. It's also close to a Seven Eleven store which may have supplies we can gather." she continued to tap the map, tracing a route that followed the old #1 highway. There are two ways to get to Portage: The new #1 highway or the old highway. The new highway has a bigger risk in that looters  and thieves will wait on both sides of the road to jump your ass as you wander through the debris and crap littering the road. 

The old highway is a narrower road, but less traveled and a significantly lower population count. "So then it's agreed then" I said. "We leave at sundown and head for Portage La Prairie, following the old highway route that snakes through the prairie basin. Does anyone have any ideas on what type of vehicle we should take for the trip?" I fantasized briefly about leaving in a Ferrari F40 but the harsh reality set in. We'd have to settle with whatever we could get our hands on, and quickly. "It doesn't matter to me" John said, munching on a candy bar. "But we should really consider a 4x4 truck as it could come in handy in case we need to go off road". 

We left the shelter quietly and walked a few blocks until we found an abandoned Dodge 4x4 Quad Cab truck. It appeared abandoned because someone had left it in the middle of the street with the doors unlocked. We looked inside and found the keys were nowhere to be found. "No worries" Marci said, as she slipped under the steering wheel and began working on boosting the truck. In about five minutes she managed to start the truck and we rolled out on to Portage Avenue towards our destination.We had rigged the truck so the headlights would not function at all. Fortunately the full moon light gave us enough illumination to navigate around the dead bodies and debris that littered the streets. More than once we were jumped by packs of people literally sprinting towards the Dodge truck. The big v10 engine made a huge amount of noise as we moved through the city. A few more close calls were had as we managed to get pinned near an intersection that had become clogged with dead cars and trucks. 

Those creatures jumped into the back bed of the truck and began hammering on the rear window until I finally shot two of them through the head by swinging around the passenger window. As I did so I almost got bitten by a small child who had managed to cling to the massive mirrors that were attached to either side of the vehicle. Luckily, John had his .357 magnum ready and put a single shot through her forehead. I felt sick and began to throw up as we drove over the corpse. 

Looking back over the city I could see distant fires and the crackling sound of gunfire going off in the night like pop-pop-pop-pop-pop. We took a few bullets from thieves that were holding out near Portage and St. James street. The back of the truck had several large bullet holes from what appeared to be shot gun blasts. One of the blasts took out our spare tire that was located under the bed. I took a few shots and managed to hit one of the thieves in the arm. As we stormed through the last remaining barriers and through several dozen wandering creatures, a most horrifying thing happened to us. The truck stalled.

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