Friday, November 6, 2009

Zombie Apocalypse

As we plowed through the last remaining barriers of bodies and garbage, the truck's engine gave an unholy shriek and died with a small boom. "God dammit! Start that fucking thing" I yelled as I watched the creatures begin catching up to the slowing truck. They looked pretty fucking hungry and were jumping over each other to get at us. Marci and I checked our guns and John began turning the engine over and over. Nothing was happening. "Fucking piece of shit truck!" he shrieked, pounding his fist into the dashboard. I checked the gas gauge, it appeared at 3/4 full. "Well, that's what you get when you drive domestics" I yelled back. 

Marci pointed at the nearby open field which led to an underpass. "We need to get the fuck out of here before they get us" she yelled. To hell with it. We bolted from the truck and ran for our lives to the field. I looked to my left and right and found my companions sprinting along with me, along with several hundred infected people who were lunging, jumping, and ripping each other apart in order to get close to us. It was fucking ridiculous. "Jesus Christ, this is it guys" I yelled as we ran a few hundred more feet towards the underpass. I looked over my shoulder and noticed they were gaining on us, and at their rate it wouldn't be long before we would be taken over and ripped apart by them. 

I was badly out of shape, as was John. Panting and heaving, we barely managed our way to the underpass as Marci was waiting on the road above. "Hurry up you slow fuckers!" she yelled, taking aim and shooting at the approaching crowd. By now we could smell their stink, a combination of human feces and stale blood. A few of them were yelling too. I could make out phrases like "Come here you little shits!" and "Mmmmmm tasty little bitches!" and the ubiquitous "Fresh meat!". When the hell did they start talking?

We climbed up the hill to the road above and realized a barrier had been setup on both sides of the pass. In order to get around it we'd have to climb razor wire that had been strung up along the walls. And then we noticed the door, which miraculously opened up at the very last second. "Get in here!" a mysterious stranger yelled as the door was kept open for a few seconds. We ran through blindly and straight into a wall just as we ran through the open doorway. The door was closed shut with a SMACK as literally hundreds of people began pounding on the fortress walls, yelling and screaming every kind of profanity known to man. They sounded pissed off.

I looked up and noticed an elderly man dressed in hunting clothes and a bright orange vest. He tipped his head towards us and extended a hand. "The name's Richard. Richard Sheen" he smiled, shaking each of our hands in turn. "Thanks a lot for that help Richard", I said, introducing everyone in our party. "You fellers almost bit the dust out there. I kinda knew something like that would happen eventually" he said. I asked what he meant about that. "That truck right there was a bait truck." he said, scratching his grizzly gray beard. "Bait truck?" John asked, sitting back and adjusting his shoes. "Yep. Someone has rigged the vehicles in some areas of the city to only work for a few minutes at a time. For what reason I am not sure, but I'm thinking it's looters. They want you to get caught by the horde and then they move in and scavenge everything that wasn't ripped from your body". he spat on the ground. "You three are the first visitors I've had. No one's made it out alive since the outbreak. The whole city is infected. You can hear them at night - the infected - roamin' like packs of wild animals, hootin' and hollerin' and eating wild animals raw as they catch 'em. It's disgusting because the don't even bother to clean the animal before they eat it. I seen 'em take bites right thru the hide." By now we had all kicked back and were watching the setting sun on the horizon.

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