Saturday, November 28, 2009

Technology Teaches us to Waste

My "old" 2-year Epson CX4450 had some trouble lately. It seems I had neglected to use the printer for a few months, and therefore, the nozzle to the black ink well dried up. Even after trying to infuse water to it, and buying another black cartridge ($11), it didn't work. FUCK IT. Going to Futureshop, I picked up the cheapest laser printer I could find: The Samsung ML-2240 for $69 plus tax. I checked out how much a replacement cartridge cost: $72.00 plus tax. So in effect, it's actually cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to get the cartridge. Apparently the printer comes with enough toner to print about 500 sheets of paper. If you buy the replacement cartridge, it'll do you about 1,500 sheets. (The toner that comes with the printer is about half-full). And so, I've relegated another piece of electronic junk to the bottom of my desk. I won't throw it out because it still has a useful function left in it: The scanner part still works good. I've gone through so much electronic junk it's not funny. Old phones, PDA's, computers, laptops, etc. Now take this up a notch and point it to automobile sector. Imagine walking into Wal-mart, strolling down the automobile aisle and picking out a tiny commuter car for $3500. Final assembly would be done in the Walmart store for $300 or pick the car up half-assembled and do it your self! It'll be a reality eventually as Chinese made goods work their way up the food chain. The Chinese have already been manufacturing some advanced electronics and displays for years. God help us.

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