Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nor'Easter from HELL!

So I was exaggerating a little bit. Most of the maritimes will experience rain and snow combination. If you live near the 2nd level of Hell (NewFoundland), then you'll be getting an unexpected treat of 15-25 cm of snow near the middle of that hellhole.  Of course if you do live there you're more than likely to be drunk as fuck anyway so you can ignore my message. The first snowfall is always the beginning of CARMAGEDDON. That's the steep learning curve people often experience when switching from summer driving (hey, I can stop!) to The Winter Uncertainty Principal (Dude! I can't stop! Fuck NOOOOOOooo!).  I'm on vacation so I don't give a rats ass.

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Stoneman said...

Can someone suggest a decent video camera? I want to do some actual test drive videos this year.