Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iQor Canada, or, Pathetic Soul-Sucking Assholes

I've been getting annoying and unrelenting phone calls from iQor Canada, a collection agency that was formerly known as "Canada Bonded Creditors Limited" or CBCL for short. Specifically, they are trying to collect on an invalid debt that was put in 8+ years ago by Globe Agencies in Calgary. (I had moved out of my old shithole apartment and left them my $300 damage deposit. They insisted I owed them a month's rent but I disagreed). I left, saying FUCK OFF to Globe and moved out of their bug-infested 1 bedroom shithole off McLeod trail in Calgary. That was way the hell back in 1998 to be precise.

Did you know that in Canada, you cannot be hounded by any unsecured debt that is older than 6 years? It's true. Although student loans may be exempt from this, my "debt" is certainly not. Hell, I even had this debt added to my personal bankruptcy 5+ years ago. These people are blood sucking leeches and people who work at collection agencies are nothing more than paid phone terrorists. 

Even when you argue that a debt is older than 6 years or included in a past BK they try to weasel their way around it. After several calls per day for several months now (6), I have had enough. I have already call blocked these sons of bitches using my phone screen service. Next, I'll begin calculating the amount of calls received and will assign a $50 value to each call pertaining to the amount of my time wasted speaking to these ignorant assholes. 

Ignorant they are. You can't speak normally to them. They don't listen. Some of them try to sound tough on the phone, but in truth, I'd have these fuckers beaten in a phone booth if I had some time and means to get them. It's beyond being nice and courteous anymore. This is an unrelenting harassment that is unwarranted and against the law. I'm sure someone has successfully sued collection agencies in the past - why shouldn't I do that too? How much is your peace of mind? Your free time? 

I wonder if these collection agents worry about leaving the building at night for fear of gunshots. I know I would if I was a collection agent roach.

Oh, and I'm not alone on this either. Check out these interesting stories. (I put my own there too).

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