Friday, November 20, 2009

Browsing Cars on Kijiji Can be Fun

I found this ad on Kijjii while looking for a used car. At least he's honest.

This car is sitting around in my parking lot. I'm paying thirty bucks a month to store it, and basically just want to get rid of it. It's yours if you want it; the only catch is that this car is kind of banged up. The front right break caliper is seized, the starter is more miss than hit, a bunch of stuff on the dashboard is broken, and the battery is probably dead at this point.
Besides that, the car is great. I mean, it sucks because it's a 1.8L Saturn, but it's got a stick shift so you won't notice how gutless it really is. Everything besides the broken stuff I mentioned works fine, I think. And it's a fiberglass body, so it'll never rust.
That $100 is obo. If you can get it out of here, take it for pennies. Just get it out of my site.

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